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Be Your Best Self

The Be Your Best Self personal development programme for Women in Agriculture is a Scottish Government funded course and is an expansion of a pilot programme run in 2020. It is an integral part of the Scottish Government’s vision to make Scottish agriculture a fairer, more inclusive industry, where farm succession is not determined by gender, training is accessible to everyone, and more women take on senior roles in agricultural organisations.

Be Your Best Self aims to support women living or working in agriculture in Scotland to build their confidence, enhance their skills, and develop their leadership abilities.

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Course Structure

What's included?

The course contains a number of elements including:


Understanding and enhancing mental fitness


Building confidence and resilience


Getting to know your strengths and how to play to them


When and how best to work with others


Building a relevant network with likeminded women in agriculture


As the programme is fully funded by The Scottish Government it is FREE to attend.

Be Your Best Self aims to support women living or working in agriculture in Scotland

Online Courses

We have several online courses scheduled during 2022 and will be happy to share options with you on application.  We may also arrange an in-person course based on demand. For our virtual courses sessions will be delivered in bite sized modules of between 1 - 3 hours at a time.  

Applications Now Open!

Applications are now open. More details and the application form can be found here: 
Any questions can be emailed to: beyourbestself@thepeopleportfolio.co.uk.

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'Creating a fairer, more inclusive industry'

Be Your Best Self

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